What is REALTOR® Membership?

As a member, you are the voice for NAR ( The National Association of Realtors— it is your association and it exists to help you increase your business opportunities.

Membership in a local association of REALTORS® automatically extends your membership to the state association and national association. If you're not a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, but you'd like to become one, you must first join a local real estate association. PCAR ( the portag County Association of REALTORS®  is one of 1,400+ local associations (also called boards) and 54 state and territorial associations of REALTORS®.

Becoming a REALTOR® Member

The principals of a real estate firm must first join a REALTOR® association before any non-principal can join. Principals are defined as: sole proprietors; partners in a partnership; corporate officers or majority shareholders of a corporation; or branch office managers acting on behalf of the principal. Once the principal(s) decide to join the REALTOR® association, then all agents, brokers and appraisers that are licensed or affiliated with him or her have the option of also joining as members of the association.

Each REALTOR® firm appoints one of its principals as a "designated REALTOR®" for the firm. If any agents, brokers, or appraisers affiliated with the firm choose not to be REALTORS®, then the "designated REALTOR®" would be assessed a non-member assessment by the association for each non-member.

If any principal who otherwise qualifies for REALTOR® membership decides not to join the REALTOR® association, then none of the individuals affiliated with the firm can be REALTOR® members of the association.

The principal(s) have what is called "board of choice," which means he or she can decide which REALTOR® association(s) in the state where the office is located (or contiguous to that state) to join. 

Licensees affiliated with a REALTOR® firm may choose as their primary association any association in the state (or a state contiguous to that state) where the firm maintains a "designated REALTOR®."

New Member Fees

Totals  Paid to PCAR        
July  $         595.00      
August  $         553.75      
September  $         512.50      
October  $         471.25      
November  $         430.00      
December  $         389.00      


Included in the above totals: 

PCAR Application Fee: $150

OAR Application Fee: $25

NAR Assesment Fee: $35.00


Dues Breakdown, How New Member Dues are Calculated:



 $ 225.00  
 $ 206.25  
 $ 187.50  
 $ 168.75
 $ 150.00  
 $ 131.50


 $   100.00
 $   87.50
 $   75.00
 $   62.50
 $   50.00
 $   37.50


 $  95.00
 $  85.00
 $  75.00
 $  65.00
 $  55.00
 $  45.00